Zambia Trip Update #11 July 30, 2013

The wind was blowing like crazy this morning as we woke up, which of course means dust was flying everywhere since it’s dry season here. Temps were pretty cool in the morning, and even the afternoon was really nice, not quite as hot as the last few days…we are definitely not complaining!

We started the day buy jumping in a big flatbed truck and another vehicle to head into Choma, the nearest town.  The project for they day was to load up a bunch of donated household goods to bring back to Macha for the PTR Zambia house which is nearing completion.  If you didn’t know,  the PTR Zambia operation will open ‘full time’ at the end of August when the family from PTR moving to Zambia will arrive. So it was special for us to be able to contribute in this way toward helping prepare the way for their ministry and work herel!  It didn’t take too long as we all worked together, and we were of course joined by our friends Elem and Stembridge(who also is our driver while here!)

Because we thought we deserved it, we stopped in town on the way back to Macha for a quick mid-morning snack. Most of us enjoyed either bakery items or a vanilla ice cream cone!   Quite tasty to say the least.  The ride home was pretty quiet as most slept. As soon as we got back to Macha, we then unloaded all the items into a storage place just a few hundred yards from the home the items will occupy as soon as the final touches are completed on the house.  All reports are it should be completely done by the end of next week.  We were one week too early it seems!  Oh well, getting the items here was a huge help and blessing to PTR Zambia.  We were happy to have the opportunity to serve in this manner.

After lunch we discussed the life of Joseph and what we can learn from his responses to all the trials he endured.  We also heard a testimony from our final team member.  It’s always neat and encouraging to get to hear from each of our teammates as they share their faith story.  It also gives us a chance to know how to better encourage and relate to them!

We then ‘laced up our shoes’ for the half hour walk back out to the field where we ran clinics all last week.  A local team had really wanted to play us, which of course we were more than happy to do!  The game was pretty even and ended 3-3, despite our team leading 3-1 with only a few minutes to go.  After posing for a picture with the other team and saying our thank you’s and goodbye’s, we headed back to the dorm for showers and dinner.

After eating, we did what is hard to believe it’s time to do…we deflated soccer balls and began to pack those things up.  The cool thing is that these items will stay here for the use and ministry of PTR Zambia in the future!  If you would like more information about PTR Zambia, you can visit their website HERE.

Tomorrow is our last full day here…where did the time go!  Thanks for all your continued prayers and support, and for many of you we will see you ‘soon.’

The team

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