Zambia Trip Update #11 July 23, 2012

So this week began with a different pace to it from last week!  For our last few days here in Macha, we’ll be using the mornings for devotions, and time to see the community.  Our afternoons will be spent playing some matches and working at 2 more local schools.

Today we enjoyed a pancake breakfast!(Have we mentioned that the ladies who prepare our meals have been excellent!!) After that we enjoyed discussing what it means to ‘be created to SERVE,’ and how that should be reflected in our daily lives.  We were challenged to take a look at not only our abilities, but also our experiences, spiritual gifts, and upbringing to determine where the Lord may be calling us, or how he may be showing us some direction in life.  We enjoyed some good discussion, and then heard from our 7th team member in how the Lord has been working in his personal life.  Hearing everyone’s story is always such an encouragement, and it is neat then to be able to pray for each other, and know each other on a deeper level than before.

On this trip, we were able to bring  a lot of gently worn shoes and clothing, so our next endeavor was to sort through what we had, and prepare it for the local church’s Compassion Ministry.  They will take care of distributing it to people who need, and for us that is a key partnership! We also sorted through other things we had brought, like school supplies, that we will be delivering throughout our remaining days.  That task complete, we walked to the local market to get a view of what shopping here looks like for most people.  There are vendors every where, selling things from veggies, dried fish, fruits, and baked goods, to pots and pants, clothing, flip flops and on and on.  It’s really quite a sight to take in!  Some of our team bought some nice fabrics, and others bought some articles of clothing, as well as some snacks!

After lunch we headed for a tour of the hospital here, as well as the Malaria Research endeavor.  The Macha Mission was established in the early 1900s, and the hospital opened in the late 50’s.  God has clearly been working here since the first time missionaries arrived, as together with people of this community, amazing progress is being made in both the medical and research fields.

After the tour, we had our rematch versus the team that beat us last Monday.  This time we went down early, 1-0, but battled back with 2 second half goals for a hard fought victory! The team worked really hard, and it’s been so special having several of our Zambian brothers playing with us each game.  We took pictures together afterwards with the other team, and enjoyed some time in conversations as the sun went down.  A bunch of children that we had worked with last week came to support us, so it was fun to hang out with them and even be escorted home!

We are loving each day here, and are sad that the time is coming to an end.  That being said, we have 2 more wonderful days in Macha to make the most of!  We are all pretty tired, and now that we have had a lovely dinner, bed is calling!

The team

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