Zambia Trip Update #12 July 24, 2012

Tonight we are sitting under the beautiful Zambian night sky, enjoying a fire and some fellowship with each other, in addition to 3 professionals who are here working on research related things.  We even got crazy and made ‘Zambores’, which is Zambian smores, or at least that’s what we are calling them! We made due with the supplies we could find in the nearest town, and we all enjoyed the reminder of the US specialty! So while sitting here around the fire, I’ll recap the day…

We started with a breakfast of porridge and toast, and then again met for our devos and team time.  Today we discussed how we are “Made for a Mission,” as we were challenged to look at what it is the Lord has in mind for us all.  We also heard from our last team mate as he shared his testimony.  It has been great spending time together in times of prayer and study, not to mention in singing!  We may not sound quite as good as our Zambian brothers and sisters, but we do great!

There was some free time in the morning, so most of us spent some time collecting wood for tonight’s bonfire and/or resting.  Lunch was great and then we were off to another local school, though we weren’t exactly sure what we were getting into.  We talk about being flexible, and today was a perfect example!  We walked to the school, and the headmaster was sick and the head teacher was in town, so we were left with a group of kids, with no sports teacher who was also supposedly going to be there!  We made the most of the situation and organized some soccer with the kids, with lots of laughing.  They seemed to enjoy the time, and it was a great reminder and lesson to each of us that we need to be ready for anything, and trust Him for whatever He has in store for us!

We walked home quickly to get showered before heading to one of our Zambian friend’s house for dinner.  This man works at the local girls’ secondary school, and has been a great contact to have over the last 2 trips here.  He is a great man of God, and does an amazing time of leading worship at the local church.  He and his wife have 2 young children and bravely invited the team up to their house for some food and fellowship.  It was only a 15 minute walk to their house, and we enjoyed a wonderful traditional meal together, followed by some singing, and time of prayer.  Again, another lesson in hospitality and graciousness.  We were all blessed to spend the time with this amazing family, and they welcomed us all back anytime we are in Zambia.

And that brings us to the bonfire where we currently huddle around the flames in the cool of the night here.  A fun and perfect ending to another great day in Zambia.  Most of us find it hard to believe our time here is running out, tomorrow is our last full day in Macha!  With that thought, we’ll say goodnight!  Thanks again for all your prayers.

Good night from the other side of the world!

The team

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