Zambia Trip Update – 2.7.20

What an amazing day!! So many highlights from the day, but we’ll start with sharing that five standard baskets are officially in the ground! We are so happy to have these in the ground for the Zambia Open this year. Hole 18 will be the only hole that we will maintain the original short basket, but the regular layout will play to the new long position. We know the players will love to see all 18 baskets soon and we can’t wait to come back next year to see them.  The final two baskets were built solely by the local staff, so the remaining baskets should not be far behind.

We are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to walk alongside Wilborn to host the junior tournament. We were not sure how many kids to expect, but we ended up having 90 kids play! This is a great testament to all the great work Wilborn has been putting in this year of training kids to get better, but even more so his willingness to be a light and friend to this community. What’s even crazier is that we even turned away over 25 kids who showed up to play for the very first time. Since these kids have not been training with the others, Wilborn had them follow their friends and invited them to start training with him next week.  

We were blown away by some of the scores as well. We gave away 19 entries for junior boys and 7 entries for the junior girls to the Zambia Open. For the junior boys, the hot round was 47 (-8) by an 18U player followed close behind by a 13U player shooting a 48(-7). The cut-off line to qualify for the Zambia Open tomorrow was a 56(+1) which meant that 18 of 19 players who qualified shot par to do so. These players are a mix of all ages, even including a couple of 10-year-olds!  While the disc golf was impressive, the best part of the day was seeing the joy that filled the course.  Kids cheered each other on, laughed with each other, celebrated together, and we had the awesome privilege to join in.

After the junior tournament, the team enjoyed another wonderful meal before the glow disc golf round. The glow round is a very special time for the team as they get paired up with a Zambian staff member and get to play in the moonlight. Everyone was having a wonderful time as you could hear the excitement throughout the course anytime someone had a good shot.  The night ended with a tie-breaker closest to the pin competition, and the celebration from the winners was so fun to see.

Today was definitely a special day, and it is just so incredible to see how God is being proclaimed on the disc golf course here.  We can’t wait for the community to come together tomorrow for the 2nd Zambia Open, and our prayer is that God would move in a powerful way throughout the day.

Finally, we want to share that someone has already gotten an ace on a new basket! With many witnesses with him, Wilborn aced hole 18’s brand new basket which is in the new long position we re-designed. He threw a low flat hyzer shot that skipped once and crashed into the beautiful new chains and settled gently at the bottom of the cage. At least half of the team members witnessed it and were really excited to see such a great shot and especially so soon after the basket was put in the ground!



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