Zambia Trip Update – 2.8.20

Yesterday the week culminated with the 2020 Zambia Open.  After a great day Friday running the kids and glow in the dark events, everyone was ready to compete.  The rains did not discourage the kids from coming, and they were there bright and early.  The adult players trickled in and we ended up delaying the day a bit since many were walking there, and the rain was steady throughout the morning.  Eventually, everyone arrived and we were ready to kick off the day with 73 competitors.

The team did a great job working with the Zambian staff checking things in and keeping the morning organized.  Wilborn led a short meeting where he shared the rules of the day, and let everyone know how the day would proceed.  After that, he prayed and we were off and running.  The first round went great and all of the team members had stories to share from their respective cards as they played along with local players of all different skill levels.  One of the local Zambians also shot the best score of the first round!

After a wonderful lunch that was prepared by local cooks, we went back out for the second round.  All of the divisions were close, and the players were excited to see what they could do.  Although the rains held off for the first round, the second round was a different story.  Heavy rains resulted in some flooding on the course and a lot of crazy times for all.  Amazingly enough, all 73 players completed the round and made it back despite being completely drenched.  After some fun games, Coach Wilborn hosted the award ceremony.  For many, this was the highlight of the day.  Players cheered for their friends and family members as they were announced, and there was a really special moment when the winning junior player was lifted up by his dad who had just arrived to see him win the award!  All in all the Zambian Open was a great day for the community of Macha, and the team did a great job helping to assist in running things.

After a tiring week, the team had the opportunity to share a more relaxing day in Macha.  It started with a wet walk to church and a really memorable church service.  The worship music was great, and all enjoyed the energetic message shared with the pastor.  After that, we had the privilege to go to Coach Wilborn’s house for lunch which he had spent many hours preparing.  We all sat on the floor and ate a great, traditional Zambian meal.  Wilborn was a wonderful host, and it was a highlight of the week to be able to join him in his home for the afternoon.

After one last disc golf round in Macha we had the opportunity to hear from two couples from the United States who have been part of the Macha Community for much of the last 30+ years.  They shared about the history of the hospital, the work that has been done to combat malaria, and more.  It was really interesting to hear all that has happened in Macha, and it was an honor to spend this time with these faithful couples.  We concluded the day with more testimonies, and time spent discussing the book of James.  Tomorrow the team will leave Macha for Livingstone where we will spend the afternoon visiting Victoria Falls.

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