Zambia Trip Update #2 July 21, 2013

Our first full day in Macha did NOT disappoint!

After a much needed night of rest, our team started the day with a little jog to work ‘the kinks out.’  Some chose to go farther than others, and some chose to sleep in a bit longer, but all did their best to work off the long flight from the day before.  It was the standard beautifully sunny, cloudless blue sky day here, which made for a wonderful morning run.  The temperature at sunrise is usually around 45-50 degrees, and by mid afternoon near 80…with no humidity.  So no, we are not suffering in hot weather like many of you back in the USA.

Because of our daily schedule, we are preparing our own breakfasts in the little kitchenette here in our dorm.  This morning’s breakfast highlight was a couple of our team members adding peanut butter to their cereal in order to enhance the flavor!  And yes, they did add milk too.  What matters is that they ate it all, and seeming enjoyed it.  The rest of us stuck to more normal things like toast and jam, oranges, bananas, and cereal…without peanut butter.

Church begins at 10:15, and from here its about a 10 minute walk, so we started off a little before 10am to ensure we got there in plenty of time for:  1.  Seats together  2.  The beautiful singing that starts the worship time.   I think it’s safe to say all of us were moved by the passion and energy shown by our Zambian brothers and sisters in Christ as many choruses were sung with energy, passion, and dancing. Once the choruses ended, the visitors(that’s us, and a few others too) were invited to the front of the church to introduce ourselves.  It can be a little intimidating standing in front of 800 people, especially when you don’t speak the same language! Thankfully the services here are always translated, so no matter if you understand English or Tonga…or both, all are able to understand!

The pastor shared a sermon titled “Saved to Serve,” with the scripture lesson from 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12.  He challenged us to respond to the divine calling God has placed in our lives as believers and to make it our ambition to please Him in ALL things.  “Our character should be a sermon to those around us,” he shared, being sure we also “are loving one another.”  It was something that surely we can not hear enough, and definitely an appropriate challenge for our days ahead!

After the service we were invited to sign the visitors’ book and to be personally welcomed by some of the church staff and included a cold drink and a few cookies.  The hospitality was humbling, and it was great to meet our fellow visitors as well.

Lunch was another tasty meal prepared by our 3 wonderful cooks here, they do a great job, that’s for sure.  We spent time pumping soccer balls, gathering all the equipment, and getting ready for the clinics this week.  One of our Zambian friends/teammates came to join us as we took a little walking tour of the hospital community we are in.  With in a few minutes, we had an entourage of little children following us, so we talked to them and took pictures with them as they laughed and giggled.  We’ll see them around while we are here, and some of them even will be at the school(s) we will run clinics, so that’s even better!

Our afternoon ended with a marathon game of basketball which went till the darkness was nearly upon us.  It was so much fun though.  There were lots of smiles and tons of laughing, as well as running!  There were some children there watching, and as our subs were off the court, they were busy dancing and singing and cheering with the group of ‘little’ fans.  It is going to be a great two weeks.

Team PTR came up a little short…(we’re soccer players let’s be serious!), but the game ended with hugs, high fives, and lots of smiles and that’s a lot like winning in our book.  We walked to dinner at a local missionaries house where we had meat pies and popcorn,  lots of fresh veggies, pumpkin bread, and plenty of water to replenish what was lost in the LONG game mentioned above.  It was  a great way to end the day.

After helping with dishes we walked home in the beauty of a full moon(no flashlights needed!) and we gathered for prayer together and the finalizing preparations for the week ahead at the school we’ll be working at.  It will be an amazing week, and we are so excited for the clinics to begin tomorrow!  Thanks for praying!

Goodnight from Zambia,

The team

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