Zambia Trip Update #3 July 15, 2012

Our first full day in Macha started off with a team run!  The team decided to work off the jet lag with a sunrise jog before breakfast.  What a blessing to spend some time exercising and socializing along the way, as we enjoyed the fresh air and cool morning here.  This team is special, and it is going to be quite a time here in Zambia!

After running, we enjoyed breakfast and then a nice walk to church in the warm sun.  It is about a  10 minute walk from where we are staying, as we walked through the bush on paths, past a few little huts to the church itself.  Inside, the singing began.  Today the electric was out for most of the day, including at church, so all the singing was only the beautiful harmonies of the Zambian voices singing together.  You could feel the presence of the Spirit, as the congregation clapped and swayed along to the songs.  One thing you notice here is that singing is accompanied by movement!  It is such a blessing to worship with our brothers and sisters here, all praising the same god.  The sermon was on just that-God.  We were challenged to remove the things in our lives that replace him, and take everything to him in prayer and thanksgiving.  God has never changed, and will never change.  Hallelujah, amen.

I forgot to mention, since we were visitors this Sunday, the group was invited to the front of the church to introduce themselves to the several hundred congregants.  It is always fun to hear the murmurs in the audience as we all say our names and why we are here.  The church is so welcoming, and we are so grateful for that as well.

Lunch was delicious and then we had some free time to rest before walking around the community to get a sense of the place.  After that, we decided to put on our soccer shoes and get some time on the pitch together!  So we walked over the the volleyball court to get a little small sided game in.  Don’t worry, the net was not up, and we had tons of fun in the  red dirt playing together as the sun set behind us.

We ate dinner and then spent time together in our team time, singing, praying, and discussing cross cultural servanthood.  It was a great discussion, and we were all challenged to make humility a lifestyle, not just a passing phase.  After some reflection on the day, we went over the game plan for the clinic we’ll be running each morning this week at a local school.  Please be praying for a great week, and for lots of energy, and that we will effectively share and show the love of Christ in all we do and say!

Excited for the week!

The team

ps.  a few pictures were put up on our Facebook page. Due to slow internet, we are a bit limited here, sorry!

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