Zambia Trip Update #4 July 23, 2013

As we walked to the school today, we all felt the effects of Monday’s events!  That however, did not stop the team from rising to the wonderful occasion and opportunity to invest 100% of their energy and love into the lives of the children and teachers.  Two of our team members shared their testimonies with the school to begin the day and then we were back out on the soccer, or football, field for more games, skill training, and competitions.

We have been so encouraged by some of our Zambian friends who have been really involved in the ministry this year.  They’ve been a much needed resource to help us run the clinics each day, and have been so gracious in walking with us nearly everywhere we go.  They are a blessing for sure, and each of us is enjoying getting to know them more and more with each passing day.  The day at camp went a little smoother than the day before in that Monday’s are always the crazy day since it is the first of the week, teams are made, the routines are explained etc. Today was much more streamlined and the children (and teachers!)  were ready and excited for day 2.

Today many of the children noticed that the back of our shirts have the Tonga word, ‘atuyandane,’ written on them.  They asked how we got that word on there!  We tried to explain that in the USA they’ll print what we ask them to, but they wondered how they knew Tonga! So again we explain that if we ask them to put it on the shirt, it will be done.  You see, atuyandane means ‘let us love one another,’ and that’s been our message this week.  As believers in Christ, that must be our goal.  The neat thing is, months ago when this was printed on these shirts, we could not possibly know that when we would arrive here, the verses these children would recite every morning this week would be I Corinthians 13:1-8.  If you didn’t know, those verses focus solely on love!  So that’s kind of neat…

After another tasty lunch we spent some time as a team discussing Esther and her courage in the face of uncertainty, fears, and potential death, before heading back out to the road to walk another 35 minutes to our afternoon friendly match!  Today’s field was in the middle of the ‘bush,’ nestled between some villages, and the other team greeted us warmly as they always enjoy some friendly competition.  It was a good game and when the dust(literally) settled it was still 0-0 despite some good chances for both sides.  Afterwards we gathered for a photo together, as well as for prayer.  By the end of the game there was a good group of children that had been singing and cheering with some of our subs.  What a joy to see when you are playing…team members subbing out of the game so that they can go spend time with the children watching.  It’s worth playing a ‘man down’ when that’s the reason.  Awesome.

We walked home as the sun fell, reaching our dorm as it became dark.  We were able to notice the amazing brightness and beauty of the African night sky as we walked to a local missionary’s house for dinner, which did not dissappoint.  After some good conversation and helping to do dishes we headed ‘home’ for the night.  A team member shared his ‘story’ with the group and we ended the night in prayer.

All are pretty exhausted, but all is going so well.  The team is doing a great job, and we look forward to another great day here in Macha tomorrow!

Tuyobonana ijunza!(We will see you tomorrow!)

The team


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