Zambia Trip Update #5 July 24, 2013

The week may be half way over, but our time in Zambia is not, and that’s a great thing from our perspective!

Our time at the school continues to go well.  We are really enjoying joining the teachers for prayer time before each day begins, which is then followed by chapel and singing with all the students(this is where we get to do our sharing), and THEN, it is our  time for fun on the soccer field.  The children obviously love  the nice  break from their normal school routine, but what is also great is to have the teachers going through our skill  and game stations, equally enjoying the time.  It really is a blast!   The week is flying by, hard to believe tomorrow is our 2nd to last day at the school, we’ll just have to keep making the most of every opportunity.

Today for lunch we were treated with a ‘typical’ Tonga meal, nshima.  It is sort of like a thick porridge, and is the staple food in the diet here.  Each team member did great in trying it, and most even enjoyed it…which was great   because we had more for dinner!  But before dinner we had our 3rd soccer match, which was really a rematch from Monday’s game.  It was good to see the same people again, and much to their disappointment our team won 2-1.  That did not stop us from meeting together afterwards for some words of encouragement and prayer.

We rushed back to our dorm to get cleaned up, as we had been invited to a local Zambian’s home for dinner.  Again nshima, with several options for relish, and it was just as good as our lunch, if not better!  It was a special time together as we talked, and then spent some time singing some praise and worship songs together.  Did we mention that everyone here seems to be able to sing…well?  It’s true, the voices are amazing and it was great to sit together and  honor the Lord with songs.  We said thank you  and good night as we headed back out, on foot of course, for the dorm.  At least we were fortunate enough that this walk was only about 15 minutes!

It is fair to say we are all looking forward to some rest tonight!

The team

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