Zambia Trip Update #6 July 18, 2012

This week is halfway over already! Where does the time go?  Another lovely day to spend outside sharing the love of Christ and teaching some football skills and lessons.  The wind picked up today a bit, leading to a slightly cooler day, which was welcomed by us all.  Not that it has been hot so much, but it was still a nice change!

We changed things up a bit at camp today, and that started with us singing a song for the kids at chapel time!  We sang an extended version of “This is the day,” that went through several verses like “These are the friends…” and “This is the school…” and so on.   We’ll have to come up with a new song for tomorrow.  As much fun as we have singing, what is truly beautiful is the 120ish children singing together in this small brick chapel room.  Surely the Lord has a big smile on His face each morning as these kids sing to Him.

The day of camp went well, and we added a ‘warm up’ routine that they all seemed to really enjoy.  The extra benefit was for us coaches, who needed some more stretching and such from all the games we’ve had of late.  After the morning and lunch, we headed up to the local girls’ secondary school, not quite sure what we were getting into, which is the case many times here…which makes it all the more fun!  We ended up playing three different games this time.  We started with a basketball game…and not just any basketball game!  The school houses almost 500 girls.  They were not all there, but it is fair to say the entire court was completely surrounded by the students cheering on both teams. It was lots of fun…in the end PTR was definitely in the lead, but that hardly even matters.  Lots of smiles and handshakes afterwards!

Then, it was on to netball.  Netball is a traditionally women’s sport here in Zambia.  It is basically like a cross between basketball, lacrosse, and ultimate frisbee, if that makes sense!  They kindly taught us the rules, and we put a team out there who did great.  Again, surrounded by fans, the game was full of laughing and fun, and it was neat to be able to learn a new game.  Fair to say it was the first ever PTR netball team and though the team did great, the win went to the school.

Our final match was on the soccer field.  Another fun time with the girls from the school, as we played watching the sun set over the trees.  At the end, we were able to talk a bit with the girls, their sports teacher, and take some pictures before heading home for  dinner.  It was  a  great time, and a much needed ‘break’ from the more intense competitions we’ve had of late.  We did win, but the real win was no one breaking a leg in the many holes on the field!!

After a lovely dinner, during team time we discussed the meaning of worship, and how our entire life needs to be just that.  Another one of our group shared her life story before we went over the plan for tomorrow and called it a night!  We have put some more pictures up, again, sorry it is not too many, but the internet connection is not the best for that sort of thing-

Please pray with us for the day tomorrow!  It is going to be a long day, as we have the morning clinic, and then will head directly to another one right after lunch.  But we know the Lord always provides for those who depend on Him!

Twalumba loko,

The team

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