Zambia Update #7 July 27, 2014

It is hard to believe we’ve been together in Macha for one week already.  We are grateful for the unity that has been formed, our common foundation in Christ being the key to that of course! Otherwise, all loving soccer helps too!

Today was a much anticipated and welcomed day of rest.  After a pancake breakfast we headed out the door to church, excited to worship together with our Zambian brothers and sisters.  We clapped, danced, and sang along to a lot of wonderful music before hearing the sermon which challenged us as believers to not let obstacles hinder our walk as followers of Christ.  It was an easy message to apply to our lives, I think we can all relate to making excuses for our choices and behavior at some point! The goodness is that He is a God of grace, if only we ask forgiveness and continue to submit ourselves to His will.

Almost three hours later we were back home.  The plan for the afternoon was rest…some chose to take a quick nap, some got their hair braided at the local market, and most ended up watching a local football(soccer) game at the nearby field.  The fun thing about the soccer game was that a lot of the children we have been seeing around and even working with, were there.  Many of our team could be seen holding them, playing with them, or just laughing together.  The game ended 1-1, with a second half goal from the local team, the Macha Sparrows, to even the score.

Dinner was  tacos(YUM), and then we continued our study of Philippians, this time moving into Chapter 3.  Following this discussion, two more team members shared their faith journeys with us.

It is crazy to believe we are starting our second week here, before we know it we’ll be leaving Macha(Thursday morning).  That just means we’ll have to make the most of our time that remains.  Below are some thoughts from one of our team members, thanks again for praying!  We plan to upload some more pictures tomorrow, so stay tuned!

My experience playing soccer here in Zambia couldn’t have felt any more familiar than playing soccer at home in the US. Sure, the field here may have bricks, cow pies, rocks, and a lot of dirt without a square inch of grass; and the people may play barefoot, while I play in cleats, and yes, after a week here in Macha, trying to learn the language more every day, I’m still without a clue as to what any of them are saying. But when I am on that field, playing football with these Zambian men, I realize it has nothing to do with the way the ball bounces every wrong direction, but everything to do with the people running next to me. When I look into the eyes of my teammates, I see my beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ. When I see my opponent celebrate a goal, it’s like I’m hearing the same cheers that I’ve heard all my life in the US. I’ve witnessed people singing in mourning for the loss of a loved one, and endless dancing in wedding celebration. I realize more and more every moment here, that although we live worlds apart, and things look a little different from place to place, we cheer, we sing, and we dance for the same things. And the same God lovingly sent His Son to redeem us all; one Savior, one world, one body – praise God from whom all blessings flow. 

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