Zambia Trip Update #7 July 19, 2012

For most of us, the day started with an early morning jog in an attempt to catch the sunrise, which unfortunately we did not time correctly.  We got great exercise, but were a tad early to see the sun reach the horizon.  Now we know!

After breakfast, we then made the trek to school.  The kids seemed to have more energy today, and the day of camp went really well.  We pulled out a special game at one point, which they seemed to really enjoy. To begin the day though, we enjoyed sharing chapel time once again.  We shared a couple more testimonies and a sportsmanship challenge, in addition to a rousing rendition of “Rejoice in the Lord Always.”  We had so much fun singing for them and we look forward to tomorrow!

We walked back for lunch, before turning back around to catch a ride out to another local school that was a bit farther away.  As is the case most of the time, we are never REALLY sure what we are about to walk into!  This was not much different, but that’s what makes it interesting.  We ended up doing two little clinic sessions with the 160ish children that were there.  One of our team shared his testimony, and the students all listened very attentively.  We are always thankful for that.

At the end of this time we were back to the dorm for very quick showers because we were back walking to dinner at the school we’ve been working at all week.  We enjoyed the traditional dish of inshima, with some cabbage and a smalll piece of beef.  It was neat to share a meal with the 30 or so children that board here for the week, but the real special part came during devotions after the meal.  We sang several songs with lots of clapping, followed by a story from the Bible and closing prayers.  These children can sing! It’s amazing, and I  know the Lord smiles in heaven when His children sing like that!  Several of the team members had tears in their eyes from the simple beauty of the voices.

After saying good night, we walked back under an amazing Zambian night sky, listening as a team member shared her testimony with us.  When we finally were home for good, we met for team time to discuss how we have been created to be in God’s family.

It has been a long day, and we look forward to a night of rest before our last day at the school tomorrow, followed by a visit to a local village, and then a big soccer match against the main local team! Should be a great day, so check back to ‘hear’ all about it.


Thank you, and good night!

The team

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