Zambia Trip Update #8 July 20, 2012

Week one is over!  It’s hard to imagine that only 7 days ago we all met as a team for the first time.  This group is growing closer to each other by the minute, and the unity is an awesome thing to see day in and day out.

The last day of a week of camp is always bittersweet.  If we are being honest…we are exhausted!  So for that reason, we are looking forward to a little time to sleep in tomorrow before the day’s activities begin.  The flip side of course is all the kids that we will miss spending the morning with.  The good thing is that we will see many of them around the community as we will still be around, just not working at that particular school.  Several of them have learned where we are staying, and have been stopping by on a regular basis to see us.  Back to camp, the students greeted us this morning with a song they made that was customized to each member of the team, as in there was a verse dedicated to each of us.  It was really sweet, and then several teachers shared some kind words as well.  We really did have  great last day with them, and were able to take some photos together and say our goodbyes before the camp ended.

We rushed home for lunch and then jumped in a couple vehicles to head out to a local village, just to get a view of what life looks like there.  A missionary couple that is based here has a good friend in a village not too far away, so we dropped in to see her and her family…and chickens…and goats…and to bring her a cake.  She loves cake!  She insisted that we sing some songs, and then that our team would sing for her-so we did, which was “This is the Day,” since we had just sung it at the school a few days earlier.

We enjoyed our time there, talking and taking pictures, greeting family and children, and then we were back to Macha for our soccer match of the evening against the local team, the Macha Sparrows.  It was so special to see all the teachers from the school we’ve been working at, not to mention at least half of the kids as well, lined up along the field, cheering for PTR!  We ended up losing 2-0, but had some really great chances to score.  But the game was great, and the team did very well, especially considering the demanding week we’ve had.  Its been a joy to have a few Zambians join our team, and it’d be only fair to say they have definitely helped bolster our lineup!  Building relationships through soccer, such a great thing.

With the game over, and showers for all, we headed to the local restaurant for a meal.  Most of us either had pizza, burgers, or a chicken wrap, and fries, or ‘chips’ as they are called here.  Dean, one young man who has joined us for the clinics, and all our matches, came to dinner with us which was really great too.  We are really enjoying getting to know our brothers and sisters here as well.  They are amazing people.

We were all pretty tired, and after team time, we called it a night, ready for a great night’s rest and some extra time to sleep in!

A few more pictures are up on our Facebook page!

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