Zambia Trip Update #9 July 21, 2012

Today was a  nice change of pace for the team, starting with an extra hour or so of sleep!  Soon after our breakfast of toast and coffee/tea, we loaded into a few vehicles to drive to a nearby orphanage to see and hear about the ministry happening there.  It was an impressive operation, currently housing 10 orphans, but run be some people that clearly have passion for the Lord, and a long term view for the ministry.  We all enjoyed asking questions and hearing about certain aspects of faith and what the orphanage hopes to do in the life of each child, which first and foremost is to teach the Gospel.

On the way  we joined our good friend/driver/goalkeeper for a meal in his house in his village.  What a blessing to sit around in his little house and ask questions, spend time with his 3 kids, and meet/talk with various family members as they dropped by to greet us. Here in Zambia, greeting people is key.  In fact, you rarely will walk by someone with out a ‘hello’ or Tonga greeting.  It really is a nice change to what us Westerners are used to.  So back to lunch…as is customary here, we first enjoyed the traditional drink of ibbwatu.  I use the term enjoy very loosely, as there really is no comparison for this drink for you to understand, unless you’ve actually tasted it!  Suffice to say, not everyone managed to get it all down, but all did a great job at least trying.

Then came the meal…chicken, vegetables, potato, and the main staple of inshima, all cooked over an open flame.  It was delicious to say the least.  We were all stuffed by the end of the meal!  We were so grateful for his and his family’s hospitality, and that’s pretty much the story anywhere you go here.  People just live that way, a great reminder to those of us who have a lot to learn in that department.  We took some photos together, and then headed back to the dorm.

Some of us rested for a few minutes, while the rest went to a little craft shop to do some shopping, and then all of us walked up to the local basketball court, where we played a local high school boys’ team in some basketball.  It was lots of fun, and very interesting to say the least when you factor in all the rules we were unaware of, and the lack of others!  Put it this way, it was a great opportunity for us to display patience and sportsmanship as we lost by 2 baskets, which isn’t bad for a bunch of soccer players…

We joined a missionary family for some games after dinner.  We played a few group games that were lots of fun, while enjoying some hot drinks and amazing brownies!  The couple also shared some encouragement with our team, which we really appreciated.  They were such gracious hosts and we really enjoyed the change of pace, and appreciated the time to just play some games together.  Ending the night with a team time discussion of becoming more like Christ was a great way to close the day.  We heard another teammate’s testimony as well before closing the book on another great day under the cloudless Zambian sky.  The team is pumped for church tomorrow…

Thanks for all your prayers!

Tuyobonana alimwi


The team

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