Zambia Update #10 August 1, 2011

So today was a holiday here in Zambia- Farmer’s Day!  Schools were closed, and most people were not working(except of course the hospital staff!), but we managed to get a great 2nd coat of painting done, leaving only a bit more to do in the 3 rooms we attacked there!  Tomorrow we’ll finish that up in the morning, and we are hoping to get a new task assigned to us-there were rumors of digging some holes…that would be fantastic!

That was our morning today, and then we enjoyed lunch and had Team Time where we discussed “Honoring your Father and Mother” as we continue to work through the 10 Commandments.  We enjoyed hearing from our 8th and final team member as he shared his testimony as well.  By the time all that was over, it was soon time to head to the football field behind the hospital, Toku Stadium. If you are picturing a field surrounded by lights, seating, and all that, you’d be way off!  This field is awesome…but it has no grass, and no seats!  This was the rematch from last Monday when we tied the men’s nursing school.

A nice little crowd had gathered by the time we started, and we were even treated to an awesome cheering section from one of the schools we had been running clinics at!  A bunch of teachers showed up to cheer for us, and they also sang choruses during the game too, it was amazing.  Despite our best efforts, they won 2-0 this time…but we all gathered together at the end and prayed with each other.  I am certain through both sides’ effort and attitudes, that the Lord was pleased with the game.  I hate losing, but in circumstances like this, the bigger picture is an amazing thing, and the result of the game has very little importance.  We have been here just over one week, and its so cool to see all the relationships we’ve been able to build.  And in proper response to that, we say Hallelujah!  (Hallelujah was a word we heard a lot yesterday as we shared worship with several groups, so its pretty ingrained in our heads at this point…well, and it’s very appropriate!)

We headed home and showered quickly to make it over to dinner.  One of the employees here at the research facility had invited us for a meal, and it was amazing.  She cooked us all kind of goodies, including pumpkin bread for dessert!  We were all very full, and enjoyed her hospitality very much…really, we’ve enjoyed everyone’s hospitality since arriving.  Here hospitality is pretty much a lifestyle…its pretty amazing and personally challenging, knowing many of us have much to learn.

We are closing the evening together with a movie, and then it’ll be a new day before we know it!  Thanks again for all your prayers, our team all seems to be back to 100% health!!!

The team

end of another camp day
welcome to our dorm!
game time!

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