Zambia Update #11 August 2, 2011

Tuesday is in the books!  The day started much like every other day…breakfast at 7!  After that it was off to the hospital to finish up the painting project, and then off to help dig some fence post holes and tie the barbed wire fence to all the fence posts.  It was nice to be back out working in the fresh air, getting a bit dirty too never hurts.

We had a quick lunch and then we were driven to a school about 3 miles away where we did a little soccer clinic with about 80 of their students, grades 5 and 8.  The level of English comprehension wasn’t great, but luckily the soccer drills are pretty easy in that you can always demonstrate!  Thankfully, their sports teacher was around and he did a great job translating as we shared with the group that we were there for more than soccer.  They listened very intently as a couple of the team members shared testimonies and we shared why our team was there.  It was a great session, and we took a photo of us all together as we left.(see below)

Upon returning we rushed off to the basketball court of Macha to play the local high school boys team, in basketball just to clarify!  It was so much fun and very competitive, and I’m not even sure who won, but that doesn’t matter anyway.  Again, just a fun time building relationships because of a common interest in sports.  Thankfully, we’ll be back to the soccer field tomorrow…it was quite evident that we were(for the most part) a soccer team.(picture below)

At dinner time we ate with 3 others that are here doing research at the hospital.  Two women are from the US, and then our one dorm mate is a young Austrian man.  It’s been fun running into them here and there, and even being able to pray at meals with them!  We have invited them to our last soccer game tomorrow, hopefully they’ll be there to watch!

We had a wonderful time of prayer and singing to end our day with Team Time.  Most of us are heading to bed, hard to believe tomorrow is our last day of ministry here in Macha.  It has been amazing.  Thanks for praying:)

The team

Soccer clinic
basketball game

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