Zambia Update #12 August 1, 2014

We had an early morning as we were on the road by 6am, headed to the game park here in Livingstone! We had breakfast on the go in the cars and were in the park just as the sun was rising. The team was split between two cars, but each car saw about all you could see in the park – it was a great day! We started off the morning seeing a hippo on the side of the road as we drove into the park. We saw water buck, impala, zebra, giraffe, warthogs, hippos, buffalo, and so much more – but I think the most exciting find of the morning was elephants! We got the chance to follow one elephant down the road, watch it get into the water, and swim across the river. What an awesome thing to see!

Feeling accomplished in finding all the animals, we left the game park and headed back before grabbing lunch. We spent the afternoon shopping at the market, getting coffee/ice cream/internet at the cafe, and playing games. We headed to dinner at Olga’s and enjoyed some delicious pizza and salads! We are currently spending our last night together here in Zambia playing Dutch Blitz back where we are staying!

It has been an incredible two weeks here in Zambia with this team. We have each learned so much, had the opportunity to love on people, play soccer, enjoy God’s incredible creation, join in Christian fellowship, and be a part of what Push The Rock is doing here in Macha! Prayers for the team’s safe travel home tomorrow are much appreciated! Be sure to check out more pictures on the Push The Rock Facebook page!!


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