Zambia Update #13 August 5, 2011

Our last night in Zambia-it has been an amazing time, and a fantastic day in Livingstone to end our time here.  I will try to briefly recap the last 2 days.

We left Macha on Thursday morning to head to Choma for lunch with a missionary couple that is stationed there.  We thoroughly enjoyed their company and also a fantastic meal!  We got back on the road to Livingstone in the early afternoon and pulled in to town at about 4:30 in the afternoon.  It was just enough time to check in to our lodging for the time here, and also there was enough daylight to get to the Game Park to see what time the gate would open the following day…the early bird gets the worm!!!(or at least sees the most animals!)  We enjoyed a nice meal of pizza together for dinner, and then studied the 6th Commandment during Team Time back at our lodging for the night.  Since we are staying at a back packer’s lodge, there is no shortage of action…so some of the team got less sleep than others, depending on whose room was closest to the lounge area!

We were up at the crack of dawn…well, actually before the crack of dawn, to be at the Game Park’s gate at 6 a.m.!  We drove around for hours and were blessed to see a lot of awesome animals…elephants, giraffes, zebra, wildebeast, buffalo, crocodiles, hippo, a huuuuuge python, impala, bush buck, monkeys, baboons, and wart hogs!  We enjoyed a picnic breakfast by the Zambezi river, entertained by monkeys playing in the morning sun.  After heading out of there, we stopped for a quick lunch and then off to the mighty Victoria Falls.  What a scene!  It’s amazing to stare at such a wonder while realizing we are so blessed to even be here to see it.  We took it all in, and also enjoyed a hike to the bottom of the gorge, where we befriended multiple baboons…well, those of us who weren’t afraid of them!

We then spent a couple hours bartering for goods with the craftsmen who were selling all their wares.  Its such a fun time! They are very friendly people, and love to give “discounts” and trade for the dirty socks off your feet!  At then end of the shopping round, one of our team returned to the vehicle with a big grin, a bag full of goods, and no shoes on his feet!  Time and money well spent I think!

We enjoyed a last meal together in Livingstone again…most of us choosing pizza again…and then treating ourselves to a vanilla ice cream cone at the local bakery.  We ended the night with  prayer time, and are now winding down our last few waking hours in Zambia.  We thank you once again for all your prayers…we look forward to seeing you soon back in the USA!   We are blessed to have had the opportunity to be here.  I am certain we are all coming home with a new perspective of some nature, God has been at work!  We are so grateful also to the community of Macha, who were so hospitable and friendly to us during our stay.  We were blessed to have been able to serve among our brothers and sisters there.

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Victoria Falls

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