Zambia Update #3 July 24, 2011


It is Sunday evening here and we just finished team devotions. It has been an eventful day, as they all are. One of the best parts of any mission trip is worshiping with fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. This morning was no different. We walked 15 minutes to church in the beautiful sunshine before enjoying the service in Tonga. Most people speak English, but they did use a translator. It helped us stay engaged and focused.  The team loved the singing, which was very active and very much a part of being Zambian.

After the service we were taken to a back room with other visitors and served juice and crackers. The hospitality has been great and we truly appreciate the love we have been shown. We walked back for lunch before heading out to one of the local schools. We stopped by the local soccer field where we hope to play one of our matches. That walk gave us a pretty good perspective on the community and the people.

At the school we met many new people from the community who were there to say “Good-bye” to one of the missionary families that is leaving this week. It was neat to experience how close the community is. We could not be there that long because it gets dark at 6 pm. So, we had to be on our way by 5:30. One of the perks of our stay here is that we each have a bike for the two weeks, which we picked up at the school. We are excited about the bikes because it will not take as long to get from one place to the next. We almost lost a few team members on the way home (apparently they have not ridden bikes in awhile), but thankfully, we arrived at dinner in one piece.

We enjoyed a great dinner before having team devotions. We are all looking forward to discussing the “Ten Commandments” throughout the trip. In addition to studying Scripture each night, we will prepare for the next day of camp. We are ready to roll and excited to see what God has in store for us for Camps Day #1.

Thanks so much for praying for us … we really appreciate it and need it.

Zambia team

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