Zambia Update #4 July 24, 2014

The week is flying by! We only have one more day of soccer clinics out at MICS, the local school. This morning, two of our team members shared their testimonies in chapel and another shared a sportsmanship thought about the importance of integrity, on and off the field. We spent the morning teaching soccer, laughing with the kids, and enjoying our time together!

This afternoon we spent some more time outside with the kids that were at the PTRZ campus. Some of us played volleyball, some soccer – but we all enjoyed a few hours in the afternoon sun getting to know these kids more and spending more time with them.

After cleaning up, we headed out to MICS again to share dinner and a devotional time with the students that board at the school during the week. One of the administrators of the school shared about MICS with the team – about how it has grown and how it is run today. The school started out with one class of about ten students. Each year, it grew by a grade level until they reached the point they are at now – a baby and reception class all the way up through Grade 7. It was really cool to hear about how the school has grown and to hear stories about how God blessed them to make it all possible. After this, we shared dinner around a campfire with the boarding students. It was the team’s first taste of nshima, the staple food here in Zambia. The students helped us wash, get our food, and learn how to eat the meal with our hands. After eating, the students all introduced themselves by telling us their name and their favorite food and game. One of our team members also had the opportunity to share her testimony with the kids. It was an incredible night filled with joy, singing and laughter. We were blessed to have the opportunity to spend some extra time with these students!

We finished the night with a time of devotions, as we continue to go through Philippians. Tonight we focused on the first half of Philippians 2 and four different characteristics of what it means to have a submissive mind. Another team member shared his testimony with the group and we ended the night by heading outside to have a time of prayer under God’s incredible display of stars. We are excited to see what God has in store for tomorrow in our last day out at MICS!

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