Zambia Update #5 July 26, 2014

We are closing down another day in Macha, this time to the sound of laughing, shouting, and cards slamming on the table, thanks to a Dutch Blitz filled game night.  Our group, combined with some of our hosts’ friends in this community, enjoyed some competitive gaming, with plenty of snacks of course!

As for the rest of the day…

We said our goodbyes at the school this morning…it is fair to say there were some tears shed.  It is special how such tight bonds can be created after such a short time, and we are thankful for all the time we spent together there.  The day at school ended with a little soccer match between the older boys and a couple teachers against our crew.  It was a close contest that ended 2-2, but really that meant far less than the fellowship that was shared as seen through all the photos taken together and all the  hugs exchanged after the game

We made the hot walk home for lunch, and then enjoyed a couple hours of ‘down time’ before heading out to another local soccer field to play  one of the local men’s teams.  Our team made a strong showing, winning 3-0 much to the delight of the many children that came to support us,  and much to the surprise of the spectators that had gathered.  It was a great time, our team is really coming together on the pitch too!

After showers, we enjoyed pizza made fresh from a  lady who makes them right here in Macha!  It was a special treat and a fun way to end a busy week.  It is fair to say we are all looking forward to sleeping in a bit tomorrow morning before breakfast!

Thank you for all the support and prayers, it has been a tremendous week, we are excited to still have some more days here before we have to pack up and leave.

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