Zambia Update #5 July 26, 2011

We came here saying that we would certainly be flying by the seat of our pants at times, and that is indeed the way it is going.  And it has been so fun!

We were up early today, needing to be at the church to meet the local high school for their devotional time to start their day.  As usual we were not quite sure what we were getting into, but it was great!  Songs were sung, and then we all were brought up front and introduced ourselves to the students, about 200 of them filling the pews.  We spoke a little bit about PTR,  and why were in Macha, and the REAL reason we are here(Jesus!).  Then one of our team shared his testimony with the students, which seemed to be well received.  Afterwards many of them greeted us, and we were invited to come scrimmage their girls soccer team, and also their boys basketball team(which will be next week-why didn’t we bring a basketball????!)  It will be fun for sure, one student assured us they were very good!

Then it was off to the school we’ve been working at this week for our daily soccer clinics.  Many rode bikes on the way there, some of us however have been left out of the riding scene due tires that will not hold air! We started the day by singing “Father Abraham” with them.  We thought we’d sing it for them, turns out they pretty much out sang us and did all the actions along with us too…so fun.  The soccer part went well, shared a sportsmanship thought and also a testimony, and then we were walking/biking back for lunch.

Needless to say, the three of us who walked got back much later…partly because we found some people that we stopped to talk with along the way…but that’s life here!  Thankfully, there was still food on the table when we arrived, whewwww.

The afternoon was a bit of rest and then off to the high school again to scrimmage the girls team.  It was definitely a different match than we had last night to say the least.  The girls pretty much laughed for the first 20 minutes anytime anything happened.  They settled down a bit and were actually pretty good considering soccer is not something they play a lot of.  At halftime they recruited some boys to help them, and they did, but not enough to make up the damage let’s just say.  Seriously though, it was a great time and we all shook hands with lots of smiles at the end- and they asked us to sign their book to say PTR was here- we felt honored.

The walk back was only about 10 minutes…we decided we’d all walk to this event.  We’ll see what happens when it’s time to make the 1.5 mile trek to the school tomorrow!  Dinner was delicious and then for Team Time we discussed the 2nd Commandment and listened to a team member’s testimony.  Believe it or not we are ending the day watching some TV! A little National Geographic to entertain the squad, meanwhile I am going to get a shower and get to bed!  Tomorrow is a new day!

Eric, for the team

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