Zambia update…7.12.15

Kwasiya! (Kwa-see-ya)…Good evening…at least, good evening from Macha!

The sun has set and all have headed off to bed…or at least in that direction.  It will be a busy week, busy but great in many ways!  Today the team enjoyed sleeping in a bit, before meeting for breakfast and heading for church.  Church was filled with joyous singing, clapping, and even dancing, followed by a sermon based on James 1.  We found it ‘ironic’ that James 1 was the passage being preached on as our team is studying James for this trip, and memorizing a good part of James 1 itself.

After the encouraging message for us to ‘grow up’ in our faith and persevere when we face trials, we walked back home for lunch, which consisted of french bread pizza and pasta salad. After an hour or so of relaxation,2015-07-12 17.07.40 we met to discuss some cultural tidbits, learn some history of Push The Rock in Zambia, and to prepare for our week of soccer clinics and games.  Of course we had to then play some soccer, 4v4 style, which all enjoyed despite turning a few more shades of brown from the dust (not from the sun as some of our team was wishing.)

Dinner was again delicious and we ended our night together with discussion about the book of James which we will be studying throughout our time here in Zambia.  One theme we talked a lot about was the mandate of our faith producing action.  As believers we MUST have evidence in our lives that is visible to others.  Not that our faith is based on what we do, but that our faith in Christ creates good deeds and actions, that is visible to the world.

We are encouraged that as believers, as soccer players, we can share his Word through our words and actions this week!  Time to rest, tomorrow will be here soon.

Twalumba!  (thank you!)

The team

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