Zambia update…7.17.15

Today we said goodbye to the school we’ve been working at all week. It has been a blast getting to know the children and teachers, working with them on soccer skills, and of course sharing with them the love and message of Christ. We ended the week with a friendly game against the school team, who enlisted a couple teachers to bolster their squad as well.  After starting off the game playing ‘two men down,’ and digging an early 2-0 hole for ourselves, we came back strong to take the game 5-3.  We did get our 10th and 11th players after about 20 minutes or so.

2015-07-17 12.22.11

The real fun though was playing against children we’ve been training with all week!  Not only a chance to display skill and new concepts, but for us to also encourage sportsmanship and love in action, regardless of the score!  It would be fair to say that all the students and teachers, even if not playing, enjoyed the time immensely, as they stormed the field cheering with every goal.

2015-07-17 12.08.37

After the game, one of the team shared again, challenging the students to keep working on their skills, but more importantly, she asked them to consider the brevity of such things in this world, and that only Christ can satisfy in life…no matter what one’s skill level is!  The students and teachers then sang our team a couple farewell songs before we handed out some candy and bracelets, and thereafter headed home for lunch.  It is always tough in some ways to say goodbye after a week, luckily though we won’t be at the school again, we’ll see a lot of these children around the community, and at the Push The Rock Zambia rec center!

2015-07-17 12.17.11

In the afternoon we watched the weekly afternoon movie at the rec center(Frozen, which we picked!) with the children, and then joined them for various activities and games until the sun set.  We had supper, and now are ending the day with some Dutch Blitz and Tonga worship music  on the radio with some other young adults from the community…again this being held at the Push The Rock rec center.

We are looking forward to a change of pace tomorrow, though it has been an amazing week! Good night from Macha…

Team Zambia

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