Zambia update…7.18.15

Today marks one week in Zambia, and we celebrated with a little change of pace from the rest of the week…starting with a later breakfast!

We took a walk to one of the local(full size) soccer fields to watch and cheer on the boys who gather there weekly for soccer on Saturday mornings with Push The Rock.  They chose their teams, and after that they rotated so that each of the three teams got to play a few times.  A couple of us officiated while the others hung out with the subs, enjoyed the sunshine, or just enjoyed the time with each other!

For lunch we headed out ‘into the bush” to visit one of our host’s friend’s village.  Some of us rode in the back of the pick up truck, and some squeezed in the cab.  We all made it just fine through the windy roads/paths until reaching our destination.  We were welcomed enthusiastically, and chairs were immediately brought from the house out under  a tree for us to enjoy some conversation while lunch was being prepared.  Lunch was prepared over  a fire, and some of the girls on the team were excited to get in on the action of helping make nshima.  Bertha showed how it was done, and our ladies did their best to do the same, though they really had no chance since she has been doing this her whole life!  They did a great job trying though, and that is all that matters.

2015-07-18 14.35.53 2015-07-18 14.55.07 2015-07-18 14.55.25

We took a ball and a Frisbee which kept the children busy.  The Frisbee was especially fun because these children had never thrown one before, but they caught on quick, and loved it!

After we ate lunch, we chatted a bit with our hosts, took a few photos together, and then headed back home.  We were grateful for their willingness to let us interrupt their lives, which is the way we see it.  Truthfully, in this culture, such things are to be expected among friends!  For being such a gracious host, one of our team members left Bertha with an apron, which she loved. She said she’d leave it on for days.

2015-07-18 15.48.28

2015-07-18 15.59.45

When we got back, we quickly changed into our climbing attire so we could get to the top of a local water tower that has a great 360 degree view of the surrounding area.  Before the sun set, we just spent time laying there staring at this beautiful land, dry as it may be this time of year!  The sunset was great, though pictures can never do it justice.

2015-07-18 18.01.07

2015-07-18 17.44.28

Team time after supper continued in studying of James, now in Chapter 3…and we had two players share their testimonies today, which was nice too!  All are pretty tired at the end of today, perhaps because some of us stayed up too late last night playing games:)

Tuyobonana ijunza(See you tomorrow),

the team

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