Zambia update…7.21.15

This morning we did some touring and sightseeing around Macha.  We learned a little about the malaria research facility that we are staying at, visited the local dam, and also saw where Push The Rock Zambia is clearing bush to install their own full size soccer field.  There are a lot of thorn bushes and small trees in the way, but the goal is by October to be done and for them to have a fully functioning soccer field.  If we come back next year, we’ll get to use it!

dam mosquito pitch

After lunch we enjoyed our last afternoon at the rec center(tomorrow we have our last game).  The team enjoyed training with the girls and boys, some played Uno and Connect Four…whatever the children were doing, we were doing.  Even in the short amount of time we’ve been here, we’ve been able to learn some names and get to know some of these children at least a little.  We’ll miss them, and will miss the time we’ve been spending with them.  Thankfully at least we are able to take pictures home to help us remember them.


I think the highlight for most of us today came after supper, which was stellar itself.  Our host prepared taco’s for us, and we even had the special treat of drinking a Coke or orange Fanta to accompany the meal.  Talk about special!  Anyway, the highlight was hearing the testimonies of our last USA born teammate and one from our new Zambian brother as well.  When it comes to the nature of the Lord, upbringing, race, education, etc has no effect…His ways are always the same, and hearing tonight’s testimonies was further confirmation of that.




There was no Dutch Blitz tonight, we are all quite tired and need rest so we can maximize our last day in Macha tomorrow!  Good night all!

The Team

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