Zambia update…7.13.15

We are tired, but that’s a sign of a wonderful day!

We headed out this morning in the cool of the Zambian winter(46 degrees today!) and walked to the school where we’ll be each day until Friday.  Luckily, the sun warms things up quickly, so it was in the 60s before too long. 2015-07-13 08.18.08 We received a nice welcome from the students and teachers(which included dancing!), and then headed out to the soccer field to get ready for time with the children.

The school has children from pre kindergarten up to grade 7, in all there are about 160 students.  For the first 45 minutes we work with pre k – grade 1, having them various games and challenging exercises.  Our next group to come to the soccer field is grades 2 and 3.  As these children are bit older, we are able to split them up in to small groups and have them cycle through 5 stations teaching various soccer related skills like dribbling, passing, and ball control. The last group of students come out then after a much welcomed 30 minute tea break, and this group is the grade 4 to grade 7 students.  With them, we do the same skill work, but then also assigned each one to a specific team for the rest of the week, who they’ll play games with against their friends and Push The Rock coaches!  Who doesn’t love to play?

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Speaking of playing…after lunch we walked to play our first game.  And when I say walked, we walked…and walked. 2015-07-13 15.38.10It took nearly 45 minutes to reach the field located within a little village community, home of the Macha Bulls.  The other team was ready for us and the game started with in some minutes of our arrival.  Our first half consisted of some missed opportunities to score, as well as giving up 2 rather unfortunate goals!  That being said, we did get one goal back before half time.

In the second half, it was some more missed chances, mostly by us…but late into stoppage time(probably about 20 minutes after the 45 minutes was up!) we scored a pair of goals as the sun set.  I give the credit to the team members who were on the sidelines, (well them and the ref who thought because there was daylight, we should keep playing)  because they got all the children who had gathered to start chanting “Push The Rock, Push The Rock!” It was the extra motivation we needed.

When the game ended we talked with the other team and children, took some photos, and started off towards home for supper.  Good thing we had flashlights because it was dark 45 minutes later when we got back.

One of our team members shared her testimony after supper, and our discussion on James continued, focusing on chapter 1, verses 2-12.  It is fair to say we are all pretty tired, but pretty pumped with how the day went.  For now its off to rest, we need lots of energy to start the day again tomorrow!

Thank you for praying for us…it was a fantastic day, we look forward to tomorrow…and the days to come!

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