Zambia Update #8 July 28, 2014

We started out the morning with a later breakfast and a tour of the Macha Mission Hospital. We went through the different wards, learned about the history of the hospital and how it runs, as well as about the malaria and HIV/AIDS research that is happening here in Macha! After the tour, the team took a walk down to the Macha dam. It wasn’t very full because it is the dry season here in Macha, but we skipped rocks on the water and enjoyed a new sight!

We heard a team member’s testimony before lunch and then ate an nshima lunch prepared by one of the host’s close friends. After lunch, we had an early team time, continuing to go through Philippians and talking about a spiritual mind. We took a quick break in the middle of team time to look at some hand crafted wood items and make a few purchases!

After team time, we headed out to MICS – singing lots of the Frozen soundtrack on the way – for our next game! We played a local team and ended up losing 3-1. But, we had a lot of fun together playing soccer and getting to interact with some new people. We came back to a delicious dinner and a night full of Dutch Blitz and laughing. We look forward to some new experiences tomorrow!!

We were going to put up some pictures tonight, but due to the small amount of Internet we have left, we can’t. We’ll be sure to put some up when we get some more Internet access in Livingstone!

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