Rock Pile Highlight

Stories of impact and God’s faithfulness throughout the ministry 

In ministry, you don’t always have a chance to see the impact you had or have on the people you work with.  You pray you’re making a difference and trust that God will use you to bring glory unto Himself.  Two weeks ago, I had the honor of seeing the impact Push The Rock and I had on a young man.  Daniel started attending Push The Rock programs when he was about six years old.  I often saw him at camps and taught him at our home school gym classes.  He was somewhat shy but would participate in our chapel time and of course loved the sports part.  In 2016, he joined our summer staff.  It was great to see him lead young kids both spiritually and athletically. He helped out off and on over the years at camp until he left for Messiah College.  Daniel’s 3 siblings have also been very involved with Push The Rock and his family has become good friends. Two weeks ago, I was invited to watch Daniel make his profession of faith and join the church.  What a privilege it was to watch Daniel take this step in his faith journey and see his desire to be connected to a local body of believers. I am so thankful that God used me in a small way, through Push The Rock, in Daniel’s life.

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