Sajid Velasquez

Sajid Velasquez

Sports Ministry Associate, Push The Rock Spain

Sajid is originally from Venezuela, now living in Tenerife, Spain, helping his family with the ministry of church planting. When his dad taught him to play basketball a long time ago, he never thought about a plan, he just centered on himself and his family. When God started to move in the hearts of his family members, everything changed.

He began to understand that everyone has to know about God and that it is more important get closer to God so that people can know Him. God showed Sajid though Jesus’ example that since He give everything for him, why should he not do the same for Him since there are a lot people losing their lives without God.

Sajid has always been looking to serve God and has done so in many different ways.  But when Push The Rock took a short term trip to Venezuela, he said to himself, “One day I want to serve with that ministry because I love sports and it is an easy way to connect with people. It’s so amazing how this ministry is impacting the world!”

“I think one of the most important sportsmanship lessons that I learned was that when someone falls down, we have to pick him or her up.”