An Epic Fundraiser Tournament
 Stronghold is partnered with Push The Rock and slowly growing to different areas of central PA.
During this “COVID season” Stronghold transitioned into Archery Tag training instead of our normal foam swordfighting clubs. We still use our medieval sports as a means to invite youth to reflect on their relationship with Christ.
 As we grew into two afterschool programs and a homeschool program we needed to purchase equipment so that all the players could participate and to replace some of our older arrows.
This epic fundraiser will help cover some of the costs of our growth.
Saturday, October 24th: 3:00 to 5:30
Community Baptist Church
1853 State Route 87, Montoursville, PA 17754
What are we doing?
We will be playing two tournaments:
1. Family Archery Tag Tournament
Where family units will compete against other family units in archery tag.
Archery tag is kind of like dodge ball only with foam arrows.
This game is for ages 8 and up.
2.  The Survival Arena
           Youth enter the arena to play the last person standing/ every person for themself match.
  Arena matches are played in small groups of 4 to 6 players at a time.
This competition is for ages 9 to 17
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Family Archery Tag Tournament
Embrace the challenge together
Survival Arena
There is no substitue for victory

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