Virtual Camp Daily Schedule

Daily Online Content will be posted at 9:00 AM each morning (Monday through Thursday) on a password protected site. You will be able to access the sports training drills and challenges, sportsmanship thoughts, devotionals, and all other daily online content throughout the day. Once the day’s content has been posted, it will be available for the entire week.

We will be focusing on two sports in our virtual camps: Basketball (Monday and Wednesday) and Soccer (Tuesday and Thursday). We encourage campers to participate every day!

We will host two Zoom sessions for Team Time at 11:00 AM to 12 noon on Monday and Wednesday to connect live with all campers, provide an opportunity to meet the campers and coaches, and to have Team Time Devotionals.   Participation in Team Time will also earn points toward the camp-wide Team Competition!

Pictures & Videos of campers doing drills or displaying good sportsmanship need to be submitted via email or posted on our private Facebook group page by 9:00 PM each day. Campers will be able to get feedback from coaches, as well as earn points toward the campwide Team Competition.  In addition, those campers who submit pictures and videos will be entered into a daily drawing for prizes.

Winners of the Team Competition will be announced on our private Facebook group and via email by 3 PM on Friday!


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