Dave Bahnick

Board Member

Dave Bahnick

When you are not performing your board duties for Push The Rock, how do you spend your time? (provide a short look at your profession and free time activities)

Wealth Manager at work. Walking, biking, hiking, pickleball and golf.

Exact name of your degree, if applicable

B. A. Architecture

Name of educational institution, if applicable

Lehigh University

Top three or four “mountain peaks” from your career prior to your current position, if applicable.

1) Started my own business in 1987. 2) Partnered with Jack Sullivan in 1994 and formed Capital Planning with $20 Mill AUM. 3) Currently $500 Mill AUM.

Your history with sports, again top three or four mountain peaks.

1) Knee High Football champions of Lehigh Valley. 2) Captain of Hahn Hawks football team USAF in Germany. 3) 2 mini triathlons with daughter

One word answer: God is teaching me about [blank] right now?


In what year did you join the board for Push The Rock?


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I was in the crowd at [famous sporting event]. (Share your story)

Both parades after the Eagles won the Super Bowl (Sunday night and Thursday)

If I could play on a Field of Dreams (or court or pitch or course), I would want to play against [famous athlete from another era].

Bobby Jones at Augusta National

My favorite Push The Rock story of a life God changed is:

Michelle and Jason Krut.

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