Garrison North

Board Member

Garry North

When you are not performing your board duties for Push The Rock, how do you spend your time? (provide a short look at your profession and free time activities)

Garry lives and Lancaster, PA where he grew up and met his wife Katelyn. They love spending time in Lancaster County, going on walks, and enjoying all of the varieties of ice cream the area has to offer! Garry is a Certified Financial Planner and is the Managing Director at Master’s Advisors, Inc., a financial planning firm in Lancaster.

He is an avid golfer and played four years of golf at Cairn University. He also enjoys playing pickup basketball as well as the “extremely intense” sports of cornhole and Nerf basketball, and is a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan.

Garry attends Neffsville Mennonite Church in Lancaster and serves on the Finance Committee there. He has been attending Neffsville his whole life and is grateful for the Christ-Centered foundation it has provided for him throughout his life.

Exact name of your degree, if applicable

Bachelor of Science in Bible

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Name of educational institution, if applicable

Cairn University

Top three or four “mountain peaks” from your career prior to your current position, if applicable.

I have been with Master’s since I graduated college. My two biggest highlights were joining the partner group of the firm and earning my Certified Financial Planner designation.

Your history with sports, again top three or four mountain peaks.

  1. Scoring 20 points in a 6th grade rec basketball game
  2. Making a 5-foot par putt on my final hole to shoot 69 for the first time.
  3. My final round of college golf, where I shot my career-best round, tied our school record and earned first term conference honors.

How did you become a Christ follower?

I was raised in a Christian home my entire life and accepted Christ at an early age. I really started to seriously and intentionally pursue Christ in my personal walk when I started dating my wife Katelyn in college. Her compassion, care and perseverance have been an amazing example of a truly Christ-centered life.

One word answer: God is teaching me about [blank] right now?


In what year did you join the board for Push The Rock?


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I was in the crowd at [famous sporting event]. (Share your story)

The Phillies 2008 World Series clinching win (If a Chili’s two blocks from the stadium counts!) and the ensuing celebration.

If I could play on a Field of Dreams (or court or pitch or course), I would want to play against [famous athlete from another era].

Jack Nicklaus at Augusta National

I learned my best lesson about sportsmanship at age [blank]. I learned [tell the lesson]

From my college golf coach for when I would be frustrated with myself, “You can be angry and NOT sin!”

My favorite Push The Rock story of a life God changed is:

From Dave’s trip to Morocco about a young girl who started the week with a poor attitude and seemed uninterested in participating. By the end of the week, she was full of joy and laughter, and did not want PTR to leave.

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