Jim Whitehead

Jim Whitehead

When you are not performing your board duties for Push The Rock, how do you spend your time? (provide a short look at your profession and free time activities)

I am a Senior Project Manager for Blue Rock Construction. I have been married to my wife Michal since 2005 and we have two boys. I volunteer as a soccer coach on Parkland Area Soccer Club and as a family we attend Faith Church in Allentown, PA.

Exact name of your degree, if applicable

Bachelors of Science – Civil Enginnering and Minor in Construction Management

Name of educational institution, if applicable

Drexel University

Top three or four “mountain peaks” from your career prior to your current position, if applicable.

I have completed complicated, fast track, design build construction projects for a variety of clients and a variety of project types. Notable projects, New Doylestown Hospital Emergency Wing and new Parking Garage, 900,000 sqft. PetSmart Warehouse with a 40,000 sqft. Aquarium room for pet fish distribution, and PA’s first LEED Platinum manufacturing facility.

Your history with sports, again top three or four mountain peaks.

Beginning in my sophomore year in high school I lettered in basketball and baseball. I was also a member of my high school’s inaugural varisity soccer team and scored the first goal in our school’s history.

How did you become a Christ follower?

I was raised in a church going home, but it wasn’t until the end of high school that I realized I didn’t know Christ in a personal level. I then met a group of people passionate about Him and learned that I too could have a personal relationship with Christ.

One word answer: God is teaching me about [blank] right now?


In what year did you join the board for Push The Rock?


You wouldn’t believe me if I told you I was in the crowd at [famous sporting event]. (Share your story)

I attended Liverpool FC home opener match in 2000.

If I could play on a Field of Dreams (or court or pitch or course), I would want to play against [famous athlete from another era].

Yankee Stadium Against the Red Sox

I learned my best lesson about sportsmanship at age [blank]. I learned [tell the lesson]

My Uncle Jack was head coach for Lehigh University Football team. He always told us to win with heart and skill and leave the trash talk and showboating out of the game.

My favorite Push The Rock story of a life God changed is:

How Allentown School District cannot get enough of the Push The Rock After School Program.

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