Jordan Colburn

I am the Northeast Directors Assistant for Eagles Wings Disc Golf. I love the disc golf community and have embraced them as my second family. I love to be goofy to make people feel comfortable with having conversations with me. No one stays a stranger for long! I love to play music and love using that to connect with people in my community.

Academic Formation
Went to college for ministry.

God is teaching me about…
What showing the love of Christ actually means.

The preferred foods or beverages for post-training recovery are
My favorite food for post-training is grilled Chicken with potatoes and carrots with water and Dr. Pepper.

Favorite food

Favorite drink
Dr. Pepper!

The professional athlete I want to compete against the most is:
Giannis Antetokounmpo

The best lesson I learned about sporting spirit was…
It’s ok to chase excellence but not at the expense of bringing down someone else.

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