Bruce Koblish

Vice President of Development & Communication

Lehigh Valley Headquarters


Bruce joined the team on October 9th, 2017. He will be spending a majority of his time at the Push The Rock headquarters but his permanent home is in Nashville, where his wife Julie remains, in order to run her home-base business. Bruce and Julie have two adult children.

Prior to coming to Push The Rock, Bruce had a 35-year career in the Christian music industry as an artist, record producer and arranger, then the president of the Gospel Music Association, Reunion Records, and CEO of The Worship Network. His heart has always been to see all opportunities as ministry whether in business or in Christian organizations.

Music provided a very broad base of professional and life experiences, including working with some of CCM’s best-known artists, executive producing a national television awards show, and learning a lot of both content and distribution models. His interest in the digital transformation began in 1999 and allowed him to take a path that always included the creative process for content creation while working in music, television, and publishing where the convergence of content and digital platforms disrupted and then changed the way everything is being done today.

His heart for missions was always present, especially, in producing the first government sanctioned Christian music festival in 1989, in the former Soviet Union, participating in numerous outreach events domestically as well as at an ecumenical conference in Rome, and helping to organize a series of significant events in Jerusalem as part of Jerusalem 2000. Now, however, he quickly recognizes that, ‘the world,’ is now on every street in America so our mission’s work has a global impact no matter where it takes place!

Early in his life, he was a basketball player with a full scholarship to college sports, but the real calling of his life was to share the Gospel with others and he stepped aside from sports in college to focus on music and ministry. Today, all of this professional and life experience comes to bear on the growth and increasing opportunities that are coming to Push The Rock. Telling its story well, in order to build meaningful relationships, is his personal mission as well as that of the development and communications role he is blessed to be allowed to do in this season of life.

Bachelor of Arts
Double Major: Music Composition & Theory and Conducting


Bethel University
St. Paul, MN

God is teaching me about:
Letting go of everything that holds me back from serving Him most effectively.
Most valuable autograph:
Reggie White’s autograph on an NFL football

Favorite post-workout recovery food or drink is:
Ice cold water and a fruit/protein shake

The professional athlete I most want to compete against is:

None since no ‘competition’ would be possible at my skill level!

The best lesson I learned about sportsmanship was:

In my senior year in high school we were in an intense basketball game that determined our tournament status. I aggressively went for a steal but the ball went out of bounds. In the moment the ball fell into my hands, I threw it back to the ref without hesitation; not realizing he was only 5 feet away and I threw the ball like he was down court! Well, a quick glare from him as he doubled over and I was already in front of him saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Fortunately, the glare didn’t turn into a response of a technical foul being called on me. I don’t think he had enough air left in him to blow the whistle! But in that moment, I realized how quickly an innocent action and response in a moment of high emotion and competition can turn into something not intended. Let’s just say that since that moment, I have pretty much let the ref get the ball without me trying to retrieve it! I’ve also learned more how to quickly check my emotions because a lot can go wrong in the twinkling of an eye. Sports are about playing hard but the ref’s face told me that it was most important that I always remembered that we are all human beings first and to always take that into consideration. Push The Rock is a place that teaches kids this valuable lesson each and every day, using it as a way to show the love of Christ for each and every one of us.

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