Chris Rodriguez

The Rodriguez’s serve in the Central part of Washington state, just outside Yakima.

A while back I was a large disc golf tournament in Estacada Oregon. This tourney had, including spectators, around 3000 people in attendance. Throughout the weekend I encountered a lot of people from many different walks of life.  A couple of things that came to mind were –

*Out of all of these people I wonder how many are believers, then…
*Out of those believers I wonder how many felt guilty about playing a tournament on a weekend that consisted of playing on Sunday, then….
*Out of those believers I wonder how many would attend an evening chapel or bible study that encouraged them and built them up while away from their normal surroundings.

I decided to do some research online because I was sure there had to be a Christian group within the disc golf community just like other sports. Well, after much research I found Eagles Wings Disc Golf. What captured my attention was their emphasis on using disc golf as a means to minister to those that are in the sport. Needless to say I was SOLD.

Before EWDG my wife and I were on staff at a troubled boys youth home for almost 10 years as missionaries. This ministry focused on helping troubled young men and their families and try to rebuild the damage caused. We had a free home to live in, family close by and we were extremely well supported by various long lasting partners. Even throughout so much success and comfort we felt God calling us to something different. We loved what we were doing and leaving was never in our minds.

For the first time in my life I had more non-Christian friends than I did Christian ones. This has forced me to walk my walk. This forced me to evangelize adults, something I have always feared the most. They know I’m a follower of Jesus and some have even asked my advice when their marriages were falling apart or when they realized they needed help kicking a drug or alcohol addiction. Like I said above “ We loved what we were doing” but I felt that their were too many opportunities that kept happening for me not to realize that the Lord was calling us away. We are so happy we answered the call to join this team.


No Degree

Ecola Bible School 1 yr
God is teaching me about…
Lately its been reminder to be honest and depend on Him. Hoping to accomplish that fully one day. Thankful for His grace.
Most valuable autograph:
Fred Savage – Wonder Years
Favorite post-workout recovery food or drink is
Whey Protein shake (Whey Protein, Oats, greek yogurt, blue berries, spinach and peanut butter)
The professional athlete I most want to compete against is
Kyle Yates – Pickleball Champion

The best lesson I learned about sportsmanship was…
Win and Lose with class. Throughout my life as a wrestler I have lost more than I have won. I got used to losing so much at one point it became part of who I was. My first career win was during my sophomore year. I didn’t even know what to do after that. I ended up going 3-1 that day and I was on top of the world but I remained humble because I knew what it was like to go 0-4 and 0-15 in previous years. Later in my highschool career, after sustaining a huge injury, my experience gave me insight to help younger wrestlers that found themselves in the same boat to not give up and press on. I assumed the role of one of the upper class mentors on the team. A role that I enjoyed so much.

To learn more about Chris check out his profile on the Eagles Wings Website, or click here.

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