Daniel Stephan

Sports Ministry Associate


Daniel Stephan
Director, Push the Rock Brazil
Atibaia, Brazil

Daniel joined the Push The Rock staff in 2016. He currently oversees the weekly sports programs in Brazil, coaches tennis at AECA and plans and leads Push The Rock short-term trips to Brazil. Prior to starting at Push The Rock, Daniel was a bank manager, a personal trainer and worked in the import and export business.

Daniel has taken part in a youth basketball league, has coached tennis for many years and was in the National Top 10 in the Youth Brazilian Tennis League!

He grew up in a Christian home, but at the age of 12 years old that the Lord used his father to help him understand what it means to follow Christ.

BA in Physical Education, Leadership Biblical Training

Faculdade de Ciências Humanas (FCH), WOLBI (Word of life Bible Institute) – Hungary

God is teaching me about…

My most valuable autograph is:

My favorite post-workout recovery food or drink is:
Coconut Water

The bucket list sporting event I most want to attend is:

The professional athlete I most want to compete against is:
Roger Federer

The best lesson I have learned about sportsmanship is…
I learned my best lesson about sportsmanship at age of 13. I learned that to be a successful tennis player is how much you dedicate yourself. It is about what you eat, what time you go to bed, who your friends are.

My favorite Push The Rock story of a life God changed is…
My favorite story comes from a young teen named Gabriel. He had been arrested for selling marijuana, crack and cocaine.

Gabriel was so brokenhearted and sad knowing when he leaves juve he will return to his home where he will be surrounded by so much hate and darkness. He has told me he is losing any hope for life.

“PTR Brazil takes a team of Christians to facilitate and play sports and share Jesus with youths in juve. We do this every week to build relationships with these kids that most people forget about.”

One time I walked up to him and asked him how he was doing. He looked excited and he told me he was getting out in just a few weeks. I said to him, “Hey listen to me, we want to help you. I want to meet with you once you leave juve.”

Gabriel’s eyes began to shine so brightly. Something I had never seen before. This same kid that once told me he was losing all hope in life told me in that moment, “Yes! I want to meet with you very much. When I leave here I will look for you.”

He wants to meet with me every week for discipleship, he wants to attend our weekly sports programs and he’s even excited about attending a local church.

What hope can we give him? We can give him the power and hope of the Gospel. Glory to God!

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