Jon Wilson

Administrative Assistant
Lehigh Valley Headquarters

Jon Wilson
Administrative Assistant
Lehigh Valley Headquarters

Since 2015, Jon Wilson has been our ace administrative assistant for the headquarters staff. He served as an assistant coach for Cairn University men’s volleyball team and is currently the assistant coach for Lehigh Carbon Community College Women’s volleyball team.

Jon made the boy’s varsity volleyball team during his freshman year of high school and repeated the feat in college. He served as team captain during his senior year at Cairn.

He grew up in a Christian home but his first interaction with Christ came at a camping retreat during his sophomore year in high school in 2007. After returning home he pursued a relationship with his youth pastor, attended Bible studies, and became involved with a worship team.

Bachelor of Arts in History, Bible

Cairn University

God is teaching me about…

Most valuable autograph:
Lloy Ball

Favorite post-workout recovery food or drink is
Gold Standard Whey Protein

The professional athlete I most want to compete against is
Lloy Ball (USA Men’s Volleyball Setter)

The best lesson I learned about sportsmanship was…
At age 19, I tore my ACL between my fall and spring semester in 2009 right after I made my college volleyball team. Throughout the recovery and rehab, I learned that hard work is painful. I also learned that in every opportunity to give 100% because life can change in a blink of an eye.

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