• Mandy Siess
  • Administrative Assistant, HQ

Growing up, I always knew about Jesus and attended church. It wasn’t until after college that I realized the need and desire I had in my heart for something more. I had a void in my heart that I looked to others to fill because I didn’t know why it was there. I remember asking Jesus to come back into my life, for me to know Him deeply and for the void to be filled with the Holy Spirit. God has and continues to do that. Now, it’s my turn to share that good news and to live the rest of my life sharing Jesus with others so they may see the joy, fulfillment, forgiveness and grace He can bring.

I played some organized sports growing up, but I connected on a different level with music – which is totally okay! I became a music therapist, but felt God leading me in a different direction. Something I find fascinating is that both music and sports are universally understood and have a lot in common with each other which brought me to PTR. It’s amazing to watch God use people and their abilities to advance His kingdom and I’m grateful to be a part of the PTR family who makes that possible.

Degree: BA in Music Therapy

Institution: Temple University

God is teaching me about… His protection, guidance and love for only him. I love when God constantly keeps me in “awe” of Him and His creation.

Most valuable autograph: Dick Vermeil … he drove my dad’s racecar for fun one time and signed the hood of it.

Favorite post-workout recovery food or drink is: Fruit Smoothie and Water

The professional athlete I most want to compete against is:  Julie Ertz

The best lesson I learned about sportsmanship was: I was competitive in sports and would rather work by myself, so I went into the music world where it is more individually-based success. I found some of the same difficulties there, too. I learned in both sports and music, there will always be someone better than you. You have to find the confidence in yourself and be thankful for the gifts God gives you with your talents (on whatever level you can achieve) and use them to further his Kingdom rather than defining yourself by your personal victories or struggles.

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