• Scott Hoffman
  • Vice President of Finance and Administration

Scott Hoffman
Vice President of Finance and Administration
Lehigh Valley Headquarters

Scott serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Push The Rock and oversees all the financial needs for the ministry. He also supervises all of the hiring, policies, and procedures for the human resources efforts. He also facilitates logistical support for all staff worldwide.

In the beginning of his career, Scott served in a number of positions. He worked first at the Pillsbury Company, a job he got through a temp agency. He was required to perform inventory in the production area and absolutely loved going through the plant and seeing how all the food was made.

His second job wasn’t as much fun. The company was going through a SEC audit and during his second week, he was asked to be “creative” with the reports he was submitting. He struggled with the request, asked for clarification, and when it became clear that they meant they wanted him to lie, he quit on the spot.

Scott worked in many more positions and remembers fondly sitting down with his boss and explaining his faith journey and why he was leaving to join a brand new sports ministry, Push The Rock.

In high school, he pitched a complete game, no hitter and missed pitching a perfect game when he gave up one walk in the bottom of the last inning. His team won the Pennsylvania state championship in Junior Legion baseball. Scott played football in college alongside Eric Green who went on to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At the age of 7, after an evening church service in which Scott’s pastor shared about Heaven and Hell, he sat on his bed and asked his mom lots of questions. She asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, and he gladly said yes.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Liberty University

God is teaching me about…
Dependence on Him

Most valuable autograph:
My pastor’s… on my wedding certificate… confirming that I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world.

Favorite post-workout recovery food or drink is
Chocolate and coffee

The professional athlete I most want to compete against is
I would love to pitch against Babe Ruth or Ted Williams
I would love to protect the QB(as an OL) from Reggie White

The best lesson I learned about sportsmanship was…
At age 16, Paul’s words in Romans to “not be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ” motivated me to stand up for my faith even in the heat of sports. I remember my football coach telling me when I found myself at the bottom of a pile (I was an offensive lineman) to do whatever I could to inflict pain on the opposing team. I was in a Saturday morning video session after Friday night’s game and he asked me what I did at the bottom of the pile. I said nothing and went on to say I wouldn’t either. After the video session, I enjoyed running “gassers” by myself. I learned that doing the right thing may not always be respected, but it’s always the best thing to do.

At Push The Rock, we are full-time missionaries and are financially supported by people like you.

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