Seth Hogan

Eagles Wings, Pennsylvania

Seth Hogan

Exact Job Title

Eagles Wings Northeast District Manager

Describe WHAT you do in your job? What are your top three or four duties?

Plan and run local disc golf events (youth leagues, tournaments, family nights, clinics, work days, …).  Organize and run chapel services at disc golf tournaments. Meet one-on-one with disc golfers to share the gospel and disciple younger Christians.

In what office do you work? (LV, BuxMont, etc.)


Exact name of your degree, if applicable

Mathematics with Teacher Certification, Masters in Educational Development and Strategies

Name of educational institution, if applicable

Messiah College, Wilkes University

Top three or four “mountain peaks” from your career prior to Push The Rock.

Coached a robotics team at my school that won states and competed in the World Championship.

Most of the Mountain Peaks as a teacher are not great moments that would catch the attention of onlookers, but they are just those simple moments were a student has something click and they understand.  Those little mountain peaks are the moments that make teaching so rewarding.

Your history with sports, again top three or four mountain peaks.

As a white water rafting guide, we rafted the Youghiogheny River when the water was the highest that anyone had ever seen it.  After that day, the State Park started shutting down the river when the water got over a certain height.  So no one has rafted in those conditions since.

As a rock climber, I completed a route known as the Question Mark, that had only been completed by two other people (to the best of our knowledge).

A few years ago, as an intermediate level disc golfer, I played in a one disc tournament.  I broke my personal best on the course by 6 strokes even though we were only using one disc.

How did you become a Christ follower?

The pastor at the prison where my dad worked invited him to church.  After a few months, I accepted Christ while sitting in the service on a Sunday Morning.

One word answer: God is teaching me about [blank] right now?


In what year did you join Push The Rock


My most valuable autograph is:

Paul McBeth

My favorite post-workout recovery food or drink is:

Orange Gatoraide

The bucket list sporting event I most want to attend is:

Glass Blown Open Disc Golf Tournament

The professional athlete I most want to compete against is:

I wouldn’t have any hope of competing with his score, but I would love to play a round of disc golf with Nate Sexton.  He is a fantastic disc golfer and a super nice guy.

I learned my best lesson about sportsmanship at age [blank]. I learned [tell the lesson]

Age 17.  During a track meet,the weather was beautiful the whole time until the last event, the 2 mile.  As I rounded the first bend, a downpour started.  The whole team went to the bus for shelter.  I was the only one running the event for my team, but I was not alone.  One of my teammates, Xavier, stood on the side in the pouring rain cheering me on.  I was so encouraged and was able to push on and win the race.

That day showed me how much one person’s actions can affect another athlete.

My favorite Push The Rock story of a life God changed is:

When we first started the Eagles Wings Bible Study, an non-Christian came.  After a few months of attending the study and attending a local church, he accepted Christ and continues to participate in Eagles Wings activities and show the fruit of his salvation.

At Push The Rock, we are full-time missionaries and are financially supported by people like you.

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