Valdir Marques

Valdir Marques always loved sports, especially soccer, which he played since childhood. He lerned tennis at the age of 28 and loved the sport, and has since then trained consistently. He has been working at Push the Rock Brazil since teaching the sport for children to teenagers in order to promote the Gospel of Christ.

The desire to be a missionary came to your heart in 2012 after he married with Tamara Marques, who has always dreamed of being a missionary since she became a young girl, studying together with the Word of Life Brazil specifically with the objective of becoming a missionary. Tamara also loves sports, especially basketball which she played as a teenager and at the theological seminary.

Academic Formation

Valdir Marques is a Bachelor of Laws, practicing as a lawyer, as well as studying theology in the Word of Life Brazil and Word of Life Hungary and is currently studying Physical Education for better performance at the ministry of sports.

Tamara Marques has a degree in Biology and Theology from the Word of Life Brazil with emphasis on missions. She took the Athletes of Christ course with emphasis on sports and missions. She is also currently studying Physical Education to better develop missionary activity with sports.

God is teaching us about…

His Sovereignty and Care

The preferred foods or beverages for post-training recovery are

Water and Gatorede

Favourite food of the couple

Japanese Food

Favorite drink

Valdir loves coffee and Tamara loves tea and coca cola

The professional athlete I want to compete against the most is:

Valdir – Messi/Roger Federer; Tamara – HortĂȘncia

The best lesson I learned about sporting spirit was…

Self-control, control of carnal nature, letting yourself be controlled by the Holy Spirit, not letting yourself be carried away by emotions on and off the field, not letting yourself be carried away by provocations.

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