Why Zambia?

We are based in a rural community in southern Zambia that had its beginnings in the early 1900’s when two brave missionary women established a school there. Over many decades of work by missionaries from the ‘West’ working in conjunction with the Zambian national church,  this area of Macha has seen tremendous blessing and growth reflected by the establishment of its reputable 208 bed hospital, a nurse training school, a malaria research facility, and the many primary and secondary schools serving the local community.  We are proud to be part of a community that has a longstanding relationship with the local people, including the local church, and it is through these established relationships that we are able to capitalize on the many doors that are open to us as a sports ministry.

What language do the people in Zambia speak?

Zambia has around 70 spoken dialects. However, of those all, there are only several ‘official’ languages in the country. Tonga and English are the two official languages spoken most in the southern province where we are based.

Does everyone speak English?

Since English is an official language, it is taught in public schools, but because many students do not complete schooling, the level of people’s English comprehension varies throughout the country, especially in direct relation to their completed level of education.

Is Zambia a ‘safe’ country?

Zambia is one of the few African countries that has a history of non-violence. Originally a British colony, it quietly gained independence in 1964 and since then has enjoyed many peaceful years. It is generally known for political stability and, in fact, welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. It is a tourist destination for many, much in-part because of its past track record.

What do the staff members do on a daily basis?

Mornings are usually spent working in the office preparing for programs and activities, and in the afternoon we open our doors for the children of the community. We run daily soccer training and provide after school activities, such as reading, puzzles, board and card games, coloring, pool and table tennis, and much more! Needless to say, our afternoons are never quiet.

What are your facilities like?

We are blessed to be connected to electricity and running water 24 hours a day, unless there are nationwide power cuts. Our property consists of a host house, the rec center and office, as well as a small soccer field and volleyball court. A short walk away we have recently installed the first disc golf course in southern Zambia. We are currently working on a sports complex, which includes a full grass soccer field, and eventually basketball, tennis, and sand volleyball courts.

How is Push The Rock Zambia funded?

Because of our location and the local economy, we depend mostly on financial gifts and grants from individuals, churches, and organizations. We understand the importance of self-sustainability, and we are doing our best to generate income locally, but the reality is we will always depend on generosity of others to help facilitate our work here.

Why serve with Push The Rock Zambia?

We know and understand that there are many worthwhile ministries individuals can serve with, all around the world. What we also know is that Macha is a special place, with a lot of good happening here. It is exciting to be part of a young and growing organization that has the local backing of the community. Our ministry will provide you with a hands on opportunity to both get a feel of life overseas, as well as be thrown into full time sports ministry— there are plenty of rewarding opportunities to invest in both our staff and our youth. We are also very able to work with individual’s gifts and talents, as we understand God has created everybody uniquely to build his Kingdom.

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