AROMA back in Macha
For the third consecutive year, Messiah College and their sports ministry department AROMA, sent a team to partner with us here in Zambia.
It is exciting to see fruit.
4th Annual 5K Run/Walk
Last week on African Freedom Day, we had the pleasure of hosting our fourth annual 5K run/walk fundraiser for our community here in Macha.
Easter Celebration
Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a local school’s Easter Program here at Mumuni Hall, our rec center building. The school...
2017…Off and Running!
As 2017 has started, we are excited and grateful for another year here at Push The Rock Zambia! So far, this rainy season has been one of the best in the past 15 years...
We are excited by recent conversations about being involved with bringing baseball to Zambia!
Welcome Back AROMA!
After partnering with AROMA last year, it was a joy to welcome them back to Zambia just a couple weeks ago.
Video Released!
We are proud to announce the release of our first comprehensive video highlighting the ministry of Push The Rock Zambia!
This year our newly formed team, PTR FC, won its way into the championship match with an inspiring, underdog-like run through pool play and the knockout stages...

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