Who We Are

Push The Rock began exploring an opportunity for expansion of its ministry into southern Africa in 2010. Three years later Push The Rock Zambia was born!
Push The Rock Zambia aims to create countless opportunities to build into the lives of many who do not yet know Christ on a personal level, or who just need some encouragement.
With a growing number of both staff and volunteers, we are fortunate to have passionate and caring individuals working together to love the children in our communities.

We are a sports ministry organization made of a community of people coming from various geographical locations, different races, and backgrounds. We each bring unique gifts, talents, and resources, but TOGETHER we are one body with a common goal of sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ. Through our programs, we aim to maximize discipleship and mentorship opportunities with the children and youth in our region.

This community is heavily represented by the following partners in many ways:

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