In 2010, after hiring a full-time staff member interested in serving overseas, Push The Rock began exploring an opportunity for expansion of its ministry into southern Zambia by sending three short-term soccer teams(2011-2013) to the rural, hospital community of Macha.  Partnered with plenty of prayer, relationship building, and fundraising, these teams helped lay the groundwork for our Zambian branch to officially open in September, 2013.

In the years that have followed, we are blessed to see God’s amazing provisions here in Macha! We have a fully functioning recreation center, complete with toilets, a storage room, and an office. Now, each week we have the opportunity to work with a couple hundred children who come to learn,to be loved and to have a great time.  In addition to daily after school programs and football training sessions, we have a ‘play program’ where our staff visit children who are admitted in the local hospital. With monthly prison outreach opportunities and the building of our very own sports complex, we continue to try to maximize our impact in this community.

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