Covid-19 Guidelines

By registering your child(ren), as the parent/guardian, you agree to the following:

Push The Rock Home School physical education classes will abide by the following guidelines:

1) Sessions will be held indoors and outdoors (weather permitting). As the weather gets warmer, we will try and be outside when we are able.

2) Students/parents need to sign in at each session (for contact tracing). Please wear masks upon entering and exiting the class location.

3) Students, Push The Rock Staff, and volunteers may be asked to use hand sanitizer upon arrival. Hand sanitizer will be available to use throughout the session.

4) For indoor sessions, masks for sports training/games may be required when social distancing cannot be maintained, depending on the safety requirements of the church facility or class location. For any sessions held outdoors, masks for sports training/games are optional for participants, Push The Rock staff, and volunteers.

5) During chapel time, we will require masks for participants and staff/volunteers because of the closer proximity of students and staff/volunteers. Participants need to bring their masks to each session.

6) Participants need to bring their own personal water bottle/sports drink to each session. Push The Rock will not be providing water/sports drink; access to indoor facilities will be restricted to usage of designated restrooms.

7) We will focus on drills and games that minimize person-to-person contact, and will try to maintain social distancing as best as possible.

8) While attending the session, students should follow staff/volunteer’s rules for distancing and procedures.

9) Staff/volunteers will wipe down equipment before and after each session. There will be equipment that will be shared during the session (i.e balls, goals).

10) If a student or someone in your household is sick, we ask that you please do not attend that week’s class. If there are members of the Coop/Class being diagnosed with COVID, PTR has the right to cancel classes.

11) It is understood that if Push The Rock deems the class/location/circumstances as unsafe, Push The Rock has the right to cancel classes.

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