Staff Positions

Staff Positions

Stop Watching from the Stands and Suit Up. We Need You.

You’ve felt it before. You’re in uniform. You’ve stretched. You know you can make a difference, but you are sitting on the bench watching the game from the best seat in the house. Then it happens. The coach calls your name. You pop up from the bench like you are strapped to a rocket and turn your ear to hear your coach’s instructions. Then you wait for the official to blow the whistle to allow you in.

Those are the emotions and steps felt by many who are interested in both, full-time or part-time, vocational Christian work.

Do you feel like God has called your name? Do you feel like it’s time to tighten your laces and work for the One who made you?

If so, we would love to hear your story and talk with you about what God has done through the ministry of Push The Rock. Please explore our website to educate yourself on our vision, values, and beliefs.

Below are all available full-time and part-time roles today!

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